How to Enable Advanced Inventory in QuickBooks

For the people dealing with selling businesses, the feature of QuickBooks Advanced Inventory is of great convenience. For the accounting purpose, the Advanced Inventory proves to be no less than a blessing to the businesses that deal with sales or distributions. Many of the less experienced QuickBooks users may not be well aware of how it should be enabled.

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In fact, QuickBooks Advanced Inventory is not an external application or software. It is inbuilt in QuickBooks. However, this remains in the disabled condition until you enable it. And, if you desire to harvest the benefits from the QuickBooks Advanced Inventory, you can enable it by following the steps provided below:

  • Launch QuickBooks and login to it by entering the required details
  • Find and click ‘Edit’ menu and then choose ‘Preferences’
  • Select ‘Items & Inventory’ on the left pane and then click the tab for ‘Company Preferences’
  • Find ‘Inventory and Purchase Orders are Active’ and check the box made for it
  • Choose the button for ‘Advanced Inventory settings’. If the button remains grayed out, you will require syncing the license data online. By doing so, the QuickBooks will recognize it. Here is how you can sync the license data online:
  • Choose the ‘Help’ button in QuickBooks and then select ‘Manage License’
  • Further, find the option for ‘Sync License Data Online’ and ensure here that the ‘Advanced Inventory Settings’ is not grayed out.
  • Close QuickBooks and open it again.

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Sometimes, you may encounter the failure or error in syncing license data online. However, such cases are rare and occur due to the issues or errors with the computer specific issues and not due to any problem with QuickBooks. You can use the troubleshooting methods if you get to see the reason for the failure of syncing. Moreover, if the issue appears to be unsolvable or complex, you should not feel any hesitation in contacting the QuickBooks support executives and get due technical support from them.

Availability with certain QuickBooks versions

The Advanced Inventory is not available in all the versions of QuickBooks. This feature is available with Enterprise. If you are using Premier, Pro, or Online versions; you will not be able to reap the benefits of Advanced Inventory as it is not available with these versions. So, before you try enabling the Advanced Inventory feature, you need to ensure that you have the QuickBooks Enterprise version.