How to Use Progress Invoicing in QuickBooks

Why do you need the Progress Invoicing? Many of the QuickBooks users may not really understand why this feature has been included in it. In fact, as its name suggest, the Progressive Invoicing is the invoicing or billing at different stages of a project or job. This invoicing is based on the estimates. Some of the projects or jobs take months or even years to complete. And, if you are doing that job, you may not wait for payment until you complete the task or project. So, using the Progress Invoicing feature at QuickBooks, you prepare the invoices for part payments.

Simple steps to use Progress Invoicing

If you have never used the Progress Invoicing features at QuickBooks, you may not be well familiar with how to do it. In fact, it is pretty simple, and it will take just a few minutes to learn. Below, you can see the steps to use the Progress Invoicing:

  • Turning on the Progressive Invoicing Feature – The Progress Invoicing feature in your QuickBooks may be turned off. So, in the first place, you need to turn on this feature. For this, you need to first login to QuickBooks and then go to Edit Menu and choose ‘Preferences’. You then require selecting ‘Jobs’ and then ‘Estimates’ option. Under Company Preference tab, you can choose ‘Yes’ for two options ‘Do you create Estimates”, and Do you do Progress Invoicing?’.
  • Using the Estimate transaction – For creating a quote or bid for a job or project, you can use the Estimate transaction. The Estimate functionality is not different from that of creating an invoice. It will use the same item list as that of the invoice. However, you should remember that the Estimate is a non-posting transaction.
  • Start Invoicing – Once you have created the Estimate transaction, you can start creating invoices. For this, you will be required clicking the ‘Invoice’ button across the top of the estimate. Here, you can see different options and choose what you want. The options for creating the invoice for the entire or partial estimate are available here and you can choose and create Invoicing as per your requirements.

The buttons and options are given in a distinct and user-friendly manner and it would not be a tough task to create invoices. Yes,, it may take some time to learn if you are not at all familiar with this feature. In case of difficulties, you are most welcome to contact the QuickBooks customer service to get the required help.