How to Change Sales Tax Rate in QuickBooks?

sales tax rate

One of the elemental works that you can do with the help of the internet and the technology is managing your finance and budgeting for the year. With the advancements in the various software that are being used the users of the QuickBooks software can now easily manage the sales tax and other relevant works with the help of the QuickBooks settings and features. Equipped with a number of features and settings, the QuickBooks software is the perfect choice that you have for managing accounting and banking works. The users of the software however often face troubles with the working of the software and one major issue that they complain about is the trouble while changing the sales tax rates on the software.

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How to Make the Changes?

Here we are going to provide you the steps which you can follow and make the changes for the sales tax rates and these are the three steps which you can follow to do the necessary tasks.

  1. The first thing to be done is adding the new sales tax item to the item list with the help of the lists> item list.
  • Ensure that the item name is different from that what you are currently using. This can be done in advance of the date of the sales.
  • Remember that you cannot delete or change the rate on your existing sales tax items.
  1. Change the sales tax preferences for using the new item that is added.
  • Go to the edit option and then opt for preference and sales tax and after than company preference tab.
  • Next you would have to create any sale or credit memo and the sales tax item would also be used as default here.
  1. Make the old sales tax item inactive on the item list by double clicking the old service tax item and tick the “item is inactive”.

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The Right Solution

If the trouble persists after performing the tasks and you are not able to make the necessary changes following the solution that is being provided, then you can easily opt for the customer care service. You can simply consult the experts by calling at the QuickBooks customer helpline number and they would solve the trouble for you in minimum time possible. It is always very easy to opt for the phone number in case you need urgent help.