How to Convert QuickBooks Online to Desktop?

quickbooks online desktop

One of the top software for managing all kinds of account and finance needs, the QuickBooks software is always there at your service for any type of budgeting help you need. The QuickBooks software is an elemental need for business men in particular and you can always manage the need for a finance management with the help of the QuickBooks software. However, at times the software poses several troubles and they can be solved with the help of the QuickBooks onsite help links. One of the queries that users have is QuickBooks online to QuickBooks desktop conversion. The best way to perform this conversion is following the provided instructions thoroughly.

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The Requirements to Convert

There are certain software requirements which you need and without which this process would not be possible. Here are the requirements which you need to fulfill for the conversion to be done successfully.

  • You should be the master administrator and the company administrator or the invited accountant for using the export feature.
  • This should be done on a pc and you must be using internet explorer 10 or higher.
  • The QuickBooks version that you are using must be supported for the desktop and windows that is installed on the pc while you are performing the export.
  • The software do not support 64 bit version and hence the operating system should be compatible for this conversion to take place smoothly.

The Export of the Data

The export can be done once you are sure about the visual references for the steps that are provided here.

  • First login to the QuickBooks online company and then go to the gear icon and then opt for the export data option from the menu.
  • Click on get started after this and opt for prepare to export ad then install the active control now.
  • Once the screen shows the confirmation of the installation you can simply click on continue and finish the entire procedure.
  • After this select the data for export and then click on continue.
  • Then opt for entering the contact information and click on close.

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In case you are unable to understand what, you should do, then you can always seek the help of the QuickBooks experts. The QuickBooks team has always provided the best solution at the QuickBooks customer support phone number for any kind of help that you are looking for from them.