Fix QuickBooks .nd File Error

Fix QuickBooks .nd File Error.Nd stands for network data file. These are files related to configuration that enable Quickbooks to access company file available in a network or in a multi-user environment. This type of file is 1 kb in size and is a text file which can be axis and edited by means of notepad. These include information which books required to communicate with the server, mainly the IP address and Port. It also finds out if a company file is in use. Sometimes, the company file may not open and in such situations, the error can be resolved by viewing and recreating the .Nd file.

What are the errors associated with .Nd files?

H101, H202, H505, H303, -82, -6189 are the common errors associated with Nd files. A company file cannot be opened if the .nd file is damaged or the .QBW was transferred to a new location without moving the corresponding .Nd file or the .Nd file is damaged.

What are the causes of Quickbooks H101, H202, H303, H505 errors?

The causes of these errors include:

  • Hosting configuration settings are wrong.
  • A firewall is preventing the company file from communicating with the server.
  • Damaged Nd file
  • Quickbooks cannot locate the IP address of the company file host system.

How to resolve the problem?

There are several ways of resolving this problem. The errors listed can be caused due to a variety of situations. Customers have to implement the solutions based on the causes and the prevailing conditions. In fact, implementing these solutions is not easy and requires a good amount of understanding of the Quickbooks errors and other information related to the working of the software. The most common ways of resolving this problem includes deleting the Nd file, recreating the .Nd file, ensuring that the client systems are not trying to host the files, switching hosting modes and so on.

If you are not sure how to go about the process you can contact QuickBooks customer support team and get quality solutions to overcome the problems in the fastest possible manner. The toll free helpline number helps customers to get in touch with Quickbooks customer support team and resolve the issues as fast as possible. This also helps Quickbooks tech support team to get informed about the working of the software and utilize it in the best possible manner. The technical help of Quickbooks is always available and can be contacted at any time a user needs help with Quickbooks errors.