How to Delete a Payment in QuickBooks?

delete a payment in quickbooksThose associated with keeping financial track records in a business will understand very well the importance of good accounting. The world of business today is based on a lot of legal as well as financial factors. Accounting tools such as QuickBooks help you stay up-to-date regarding financial records efficiently. It is important to have your financial records sorted for a business to function properly; especially during submitting of tax reports.

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Using QuickBooks for Data Recording and Reporting

Now for this to function accurately, the recording and reporting of data need to be accurate. Using QuickBooks in this aspect is a smart idea indeed. You have to be careful about the accounts though as making mistake in this area can cost you a lot of money or worse, leave you unpaid. Another problem is also paying too much in taxes because of miscalculation. QuickBooks is the best possible way you can get to avoid making these mistakes. When you check your accounts, if the receivable amount doesn’t add up then there is clearly a mistake in your QuickBooks files. It causes a lot of problems when even after checking all the customers and their due details, the balance doesn’t add up.

The Common QuickBooks Error

The most common error that happens is when you know the customer paid in full and yet the balance doesn’t add up. Your QuickBooks account details have to be extremely accurate in order for them to add up. For example, if there is a negative balance in the client’s account, then they have probably overpaid. If there is no credit balance or it is showing incorrect, then clearly the account balance is also incorrect. Often it is the situation where invoice was not created yet payment was. In this case the account balance is bound to be incorrect.

The way to solve this is to delete certain payments in QuickBooks if you find that the customer overpaid. Go to transactions, then click on sales. After that go to filter, and under there select that the money was received. After that, click “apply” and then go to payment option. From there you will find “More” located at the screen bottom. There you will find the option to delete. This way you can operate and rectify your mistakes.

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