QuickBooks Database Server Manager No Files Are Connected

Database Server Manager No Files Are ConnectedWhy is Database Manager not showing the connected files? As QuickBooks is suitable for hosting several versions on one single machine, many of the users, often, get confused when the Database Manger does not show the older version’s connected files. In fact, this is not an issue or problem in the real sense. As per the rule, the QuickBooks Database Server Manager is accessed in multi user; however, it is essential that the file is in the same system or place where the tool is. It is possible that the tool has been installed in one computer whereas the file is in another computer. What is required here is to configure the computer. The below paragraphs below will show how the computer can be configured and the files get connected to the QuickBooks Database Server Manger.

Steps to Resolve QuickBooks Database Server Manager File Connectivity Issues

  • Launch and open QuickBooks in each workstation. You should not be confused between the server or hosting computer and the workstation. Here, it is workstation and not the server or hosting computer.)
  • Choose ‘Files’ and then Select ‘Utilities’.
  • If you can see ‘Host Multi-User Access’ in the list; it means that this computer is not the host of the company file, and it means that you will have to go to the next computer.
  • When you go to the next computer, look for ‘Stop Hosting Multi-User Access’. Select this option and confirm by clicking ‘Yes’.
  • Find ‘Company File Must Be Closed’ window and again click ‘Yes’.
  • Repeat the above steps on each computer system.

Once you complete the above mentioned steps, you will see the files connected. If the issue still continues, you can contact the QuickBooks customer support professionals and get the required technical support. Sometimes, and especially if you have upgraded your computer’s Windows version, you may get the QuickBooks Error H202. This happens when QuickBooks tries to establish connection to company fie and fails to communicate with the server or the computer that is hosting QuickBooks files.

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QuickBooks Tech Support for Database Server Manager File Connectivity Problems:

Not to worry if you find the troubleshooting steps a bit confusing. It is quite natural if you are doing it for the first time. The QuickBooks support team is at your closest reach. The support executives are highly experienced and customer oriented. They will leave no clients without providing the required solution. You can contact the support professionals via phone, email messages or online chatting as per your convenience.