QuickBooks Utility Application Pop up – How to Fix it?

Utility Application Pop upThe popping up of the QuickBooks Utility Application is really annoying. Every time you start or restart the computer, and the QuickBooks Utility Application pop up appears asking whether you want to allow the following program to make changes to this computer. You click OK and wait for a few seconds or minutes to let it do what it does and then you start doing your work. Truly speaking, it is not the QuickBooks issue. Such a message is generated by the Windows User Account Controls. You can resolve this issue by making changes in the Windows User Account Controls.

Steps to fix the QuickBooks Utility Pop up

As the security feature of Windows User Accounts Controls prevents the automatic installation of any unauthorized programs or applications, you need to disable the Windows User Accounts Controls. In fact, this security feature is meant for preventing the unintended programs from making changes. And, it is for this reason that the QuickBooks Utility Application pop up occurs. You can follow the below mentioned steps and get rid of this pop up by disabling Windows User Account Controls:

  • Click on Windows icon on the down left corner of your computer screen or press Windows + E on your keyboard.
  • Click and open Control Panel
  • Click View by and scroll down the drop down menu to find ‘Large icons’.
  • Click ‘Large icons’ and then click ‘User Accounts’ under it.
  • Choose Change User Account Settings. (If prompted, click ‘Yes’ and continue.)
  • Move slider: Set to “Never Notify’ to turn UAC Off.
  • Click OK
  • Restart the computer now and the problem is resolved. You will not see the QuickBooks Utility Application pop up anymore.

As you see, the issue is not emanating from QuickBooks. It is arising due to the security settings in the computer. So, the issue is not specifically with the QuickBooks Utility Application but with every unauthorized program or application that you install on this computer. However, once you change the Windows User Account Settings as per the above mentioned process, you will not get such pop up for any program or application.

Accessing QuickBooks support services

Though it is pretty simple to resolve the QuickBooks Utility Application pop up issue, some may still find it somewhat difficult to resolve it. However, there is no need to panic as the QuickBooks users have all the facilities to access the QuickBooks support services as and when required.