QuickBooks Password Reset

How to Reset QuickBooks Password How can you change or reset the password? Passwords are very much sensitive. They are the keys to the virtual locks that protect your online or QuickBooks accounts. If the key or the password reaches to the unauthorized hands, chances are there that your accounts will be misused. Can you think of someone accessing your QuickBooks account? No one can afford to let it happen. So, if you have forgotten or lost the password, it is essential to reset it. Even if you have not forgotten, you may need to change it periodically to keep the hackers at bay. For security reasons, it is a good practice to periodically change the password. Not to worry if you know not how to reset the forgotten password or change the existing password. You can follow the steps below and learn resetting or changing the QuickBooks password.

Recover or Reset the Forgotten or Lost Password for QuickBooks

If you remember the answer of the challenge question, you can follow the steps below and recover the password:

  • Click ‘I forgot my password’ on the QuickBooks Desktop login screen.
  • Answer the security question by typing it in the prompted space and click ‘OK’.
  • Click ‘Close’ to close the window when you see the prompted message asking you to create the new password.
  • When you close this window, the Change QuickBooks Password window will open. Enter the password and the new challenge question.
  • Click ‘OK’ and you will see your file opening.

Resetting Password using Reset Code

You can also reset the password using the Automated Password Reset Tool for QuickBooks Desktop. However, this alternative for resetting password is available only for Admin. Here, you will be provided the Token Number via email which you will be required to enter in the prompted space for the same. You can then choose the company file for which you need resetting the password. You can then enter the new password in the prompted space then re-enter in the Confirm Password field. At the end, you can click Reset Password and this will complete the process.

Changing the QuickBooks Password

If you have not lost the password and still want to change it; you can do so by following the steps below:

  • Open the company file and choose ‘Company’ and then ‘Set Up Users and Passwords’ and then ‘Change Your Password’.
  • Enter the current password in the ‘Current Password’ field.
  • Enter the new password in the spaces prompted for ‘New Password’ and ‘Confirm New Password’.
  • Click ‘OK’ and the process will get over here. You can now access QuickBooks using the new password.

You can contact the QuickBooks support experts in case you face any confusion or difficulty.