QuickBooks Could not Load the License Data

QuickBooks Could not Load the License DataSeeing the error message like ‘QuickBooks could not load the license data’, you may have stopped for a while to think why this occurred. And, if you are new to QuickBooks, you may have felt utter disappointment. This is, certainly, not an unsolvable issue, but you can do nothing to resolve it if you are not familiar with why this is occurring and what its solution is. But that should not compel you to leave the issue unsolved. The troubleshooting links are available on the QuickBooks support page. You can find it and apply to resolve the issue.

Causes of the error

If you know what is causing the issue, you may solve it without even taking the help of the troubleshooting links. The present error occurs due to following reasons:

  1. Missing or damaged components:
  • dat: containing the QuickBooks license information, this is the desktop installation file. The ‘QuickBooks could not load the license data’ issue may occur if this file has been damaged.
  • MSXML: As the important Microsoft component, this is indispensable to run QuickBooks Desktop. If this is damaged, you may get encounter the issue in question here.
  1. Outdated software: If the Windows operating system is outdated, it may fail to support QuickBooks and you may get the present error.

Antivirus software: The security software may Quarantine some QuickBooks files leading to the issue.

Solutions of the error

  1. For MSXML and other Windows related problems, you can use the QuickBooks Desktop Install Diagnostic Tool. You can download it from Intuit official website and install it on your computer. It may take some time, around 20 to 30 minutes. So, you need to have some patience. Once the installation is done, you may restart the computer so that the updates are installed in a proper manner. You can then run this in resolve the error.
  2. You are required install the latest updates for Windows. For this, you can click the Windows logo, choose ‘All Programs’ and click ‘Windows Update’. You may install QuickBooks once the Windows updates are completed.

Also, you may try editing the settings of the antivirus system you have installed in your computer.

  1. Many of the people prefer clean installing and you too can do so for overcoming this error.

The above mentioned troubleshooting methods will, surely, enable you eliminate the issue. In case you fail to solve the problem, you are most welcome to get the support from the QuickBooks experts.