QuickBooks Update Server Not Responding

If you have ever encountered the issue ‘QuickBooks update not responding’ while using QuickBooks, you may have learnt about how to deal with the issue. Really speaking, this is not quite a complex issue, but for the amateurs or less experienced users, it may appear to be no less than a herculean task to resolve. However, there is no need to worry. No QuickBooks issues are without the solution. The QuickBooks tech support experts have already devised the troubleshooting methods for every issue occurring at QuickBooks. You can spend some time and energy and learn these troubleshooting methods and use them to your advantage.

Causes Of Server Not Responding Error

Why does the ‘server not responding’ error occur? Well, if you know the reason, you may resolve it without even knowing the troubleshooting methods propounded by the QuickBooks experts. Many of the problems that occur while using QuickBooks are not really the QuickBooks specific issues. They are rather the issues with the computer systems or the network connectivity. The ‘server not responding’ error is caused mainly by two things: One is the internet connectivity problem and the other one is system resources.

Fixing QuickBooks Update Server not responding

If you wish to solve the issue of QuickBooks update not responding error, you need to first configure the network connectivity in your system in a correct manner. It is possible that something is wrong with the network connectivity setting and it is causing the issue. Also, you need to check which programs are running in the background of your computer system. The unnecessary and extra load of these background programs may cause this error. You can find these programs running in the background and close the ones that are not useful for the moment. You can then try updating QuickBooks.

Solution by manually updating QuickBooks

  • Also, you can try to resolve this error by manually updating QuickBooks. For this, you can follow the simple steps below:
  • Launch QuickBooks and find the ‘Help’ menu. It is at the top and you can find it without any inconvenience.
  • Find the ‘Update QuickBooks’ option and then click the ‘Options’ tab under it.
  • Select ‘Mark All’.
  • Find the ‘Update now’ tab and check mark the ‘Reset Update’ box.
  • Click ‘Get Updates’ and then restart QuickBooks.

This may resolve the issue, and if the issue persists; you can contact the QuickBooks customer service professionals for assistance. They are available at your closest reach and you can access them without facing any inconveniences.