About Us

Agile Tech Business is a Chicago based Bookkeeping company engaged in preparing income tax returns, payroll tax returns, sales tax returns and various other tax related forms along with providing full charge bookkeeping services for individuals, trusts, partnerships C corporations, S corporations and LLCs. We are committed in providing personalized, confidential bookkeeping services for your business or personal accounts.  Professional integrity is of the utmost importance to us and will be adhered to at the highest standards.  You and your company’s personal information, including your business name, will never be disclosed to another individual or entity unless written consent is obtained.

We have created and maintained electronic accounting records, using Accounting Software, for both small and medium-sized, business and personal accounts. We have worked with many different industries such as: Non-profit organization, Real Estate, Restaurant etc.

Who we are

Agile Tech Bookkeeping is born out for a strong platform for Bookkeeping companies. Our company is dedicated in providing a wide range of business services to companies in a variety of industries and Non Profit Organizations & individual. Agile Tech also specializes in business advice and consultation, tax planning and accounting and auditing services.

Our bookkeeping company not only provides  traditional services such as audit and attest, financial statement and tax preparation, cash flow management, corporate tax accounting, and consulting,  but also expands our  offerings to include  highly sought after services such as business valuations, internal control systems development, accounts receivable and credit management services and Accounting Software training and Assistance.

We are proud to know that our growth and success are directly linked to our commitment to excellence and professional’s services we provide to our clients. All the partners and senior staff members of our firm are both qualified professionals and hold university degrees from well-accredited universities. Our staff currently comprises of Certified Public Accountants, Certified Management Consultant (CMC) and a group of senior consultants, senior auditors, semi – seniors and juniors, in addition, the firm cooperate with a group of specialized consultants to perform the consulting engagements on a job basis.