Terms and Conditions

Terms of Use

As per the contract, the customer agrees to defend, hold and indemnify “Agile Tech Solutions LLC” along with its subsidiaries, officers, agents, consultants and, any other third-party website providers which are harmless from and against all actions, losses, liabilities, damages, costs, inclusive of original attorney fees. You are obliged to aid for all possible requirements in “Agile Tech Solutions LLC” to offer protection of any claim.

Limitation on Liability

We in all circumstances guarantees to a settle maximum liability subject to purchase price of the ordered product. We can’t be held accountable for any action or claim in tort, contract, contribution or indemnity in a scenario where the limited liability of the product bought has already surpassed. Moreover, any claim for damages against customer such as loss of business, interrupted service or delays through third-party products fall under the limitation on liability.

Billing/Credit Card Payment

If you are making payment for the product/services by credit card, you can authorize the issuer of your credit card to pay the said amount without the requirement of any signed receipt. The charges on the credit card will be accepted as the authorization by you to us for any said amount. All the charges levied by us would be accepted by the issuer without requirement of a signed receipt.  

Availability of the Product

Many products are listed and showcased on our website – Agile Tech Solutions LLC for which the delivery schedule is based on its availability. The customers are duly informed in regard to the status of their product available – which can be available, not available or temporarily not available

Disclaimer of WARRANTIES

The information and the content provided on our website are prone to change without any prior notice. The subscription offers provided by us are on “As Available” and “As Is” basis. Moreover, the images as well as the images exhibited on the website are provided for information purpose only.