Accounting Software Sуnс Mаnаgеr Errоr Code: 17_7010

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Accounting Software is always known as one of the best applications for the purpose financial record keeping. This software has been used by small businesses to keep record of their day to day transactions. Tracking income, expenses, pending bills, profitability, liability and various other financial factors or parameters is extremely important for the companies or organizations. Among the many good things of this software, a few drawbacks are also needed to be highlighted. Drawbacks are nothing but technical errors. Some errors come with messages, while some of them do not have any messages to display. Here, error 17_7010 shall be discussed for the users.

So, what is this error all about? When it appears? Does it appear commonly? Who are mostly vulnerable to face this error? All these questions shall be answered in the following section of this writing. Basically 17_7010 error is considered as an error that occurs during the data syncing process with Accounting Software. Due to the occurrence of this error, sync process remains unsuccessful. The error appears repeatedly as users try to sync data after being failed with their first attempts. Due to this error, you shall find company file is different from the file that has been synced with Accounting Software.

Causes behind Error 17_7010

When you try applying downloaded data to Accounting Software this error appears. You shall find significant misinformation at company file from the file that has been synced with Accounting Software. This error can happen due to many reasons. Failure in installation can be a prominent reason. However, possibilities of other possible reasons cannot be omitted. Among the possible reasons, update error could be a reason. Sometimes, Quicken updates do not get installed properly. This situation results into system configuration errors and that can further lead to technical hiccups. Other reasons could also be there. According to the reasons, troubleshooting measures or strategies are needed to be prepared.

Troubleshooting the Error

This error cannot be termed as an unusual error, as it happens to a few people only. As users rarely encounter this error, they generally get confused on resolving the error. They try to make a few changes to the system’s configuration without understanding anything, and this can make the situation worse. Due to some wrong changes in configuration, the overall technical hiccup becomes more critical. To troubleshooting error 17_7010, one needs to know a few important things. The troubleshooting measures are discussed in the follow section.

  • To ensure there is not syncing error, you need to choose the right company file. Choosing wrong company fie and trying syncing it shall obvious land you into technical hiccups. To avoid such things, you have to make sure that you open the right company file.
  • To check location of company file, you should press F2 shortcut or key on your keyboard. This will help you to find exact location of the file in your system.
  • Now, you have to open Intuit sync manager. With this help of this option, you need to choose the company file. Now, right click on the company and you shall find various options. Now, select the company file location to check location of the file. If the location does not match with previous location which was checked with F2 button, you need to choose the right file at the right location to avoid syncing error.
  • After putting company file into correct location with accuracy, you need reset he sync manager. Now, try syncing the company file once again, and this time you shall definitely be successful.


Error 17_7010 is a critical error with Accounting Software and thus it is required to be resolved with proper troubleshooting measures. To troubleshoot this error, you can seek advanced Assistance from Accounting Software tech Assistance team, you can reach us at .