How to Adjust Payroll Liabilities?

There are several users of the Accounting Software software and if you are new to the interface you may face certain confusions about it. There are different types of trouble that you can face with the Accounting Software software and with the help of the payroll feature you can easily pay bills and make transaction with Accounting Software.

The users of the Accounting Software software can enjoy all round finance management solution when they are using the premium version of the software. The troubles with the Accounting Software software are however not always easy to solve and one of the major reason behind the troubles is the adjustment troubles with the payroll liabilities in Accounting Software. Here we are going to provide you the instructions for managing the Accounting Software payroll liabilities that you face.

How Does Liability Adjustment Help in Accounting Software?

There are several advantages of liability adjustment which you can opt for. The users can set up a health insurance company contribution and if the tax tracking is wrong there that can lead to a lot of trouble. With the liability adjustment, such situation can be avoided. Year to date, wages, deductions, additions all can be adjusted too with the help of the liability adjustment options. The company contribution for health savings account can be increased or decreased with the help of this feature too.

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How to Perform the Adjustment in Accounting Software?

  • The first thing to be done is run a payroll check up and if you are assisted payroll customer opt for contacting the company for complete correction of the troubles.
  • Change the payroll summary report and the date range therefore effective liability adjustment.
  • Choose the employees> payroll taxes and liabilities> then opt for adjust payroll liabilities.

There are several steps for completing this entire procedure and if you are not able to understand what the right way to perform the task is, the experts can always help you out. The users of the Accounting Software software can simply get in touch with the Accounting Software customer service phone number which is toll free and globally available all the time and the troubles can be solved in minimum time possible when you opt for this option. The Accounting Software team knows the working of the software well and hence can sort the trouble for you quickly and effectively. In short, it can be concluded that the Accounting Software issues are easily solved in minimum time possible with the help of the Accounting Software experts when you cannot understand the other choices that you have.


1. What are the reasons to adjust the Payroll liabilities in Accounting Software?

There are different reasons for adjusting the payroll liabilities in your Accounting Software account. These reasons are as follows:-

? If the amount of the contribution items are changed like 401(k) company match or HSA (Health Savings Account)
? To do additions, YTD wages, or deductions for the employee who is not going to receive their paychecks anymore
? If you have done the wrong set up of the tax tracking for some company file then you have to adjust it.

2. How Payroll Liabilities can be reconciled?

? First of all, print all the payroll transactions that are done
? Now you have to match the time card of an hourly employee with the pay register
? Check that the pay rates and the salaries that are correct for all the employees
? Verify for all the deductions made successfully from paychecks of employees
? Now with the help of payroll register, do all the entries in the General ledger
? After all, this, be sure that all the entries are matched between the checks issued and the books
? There are no mistakes in the payroll if all this done properly without any mistakes
? When this reconciliation is done submit it and paychecks to your employees.

3. What is the way to check the payroll tax liability report?

? In the Accounting Software Click on the Reports option
? Then go to the search icon and see the list of reports from the  drop-down arrow
? If you have the name of the report then type I directly and search for it or you can find it in the list
? Now click on the Payroll Tax Liability from the drop-down option
? After that, select the option time period from the drop-down of Date range
? Then you have to choose the location of work to check the taxes list you have owned and also paid for that location
? In the end, click on the Run Report.

4. How to do the payroll liability check?

? For this, open the Banking in your Accounting Software Desktop software
? From banking click on the register that you use for the payroll and then click on the OK button.
? Now right-click on the liability check and in this option click on the Edit Liability check.
? In Payroll Liabilities, update it to match all the changes
? In the end, click on the Save and Close button and then click on the Yes button.

5. How to set up Adjust Payroll Liabilities in Accounting Software?

? For this, open the Payroll Center of the Accounting Software software
? Then click on the Employees option
? In that, select the option Schedule payments 
? Find and pick up the tax liability to schedule for your payment 
? You can also edit it easily by choosing the edit option
? By editing, you can make the changes in information that you want to do
? Provide the information of payment correctly and also do verify it
? Now go to the section of Finish Later
? You have to click on the Finish button when the schedule or editing you are doing is complete.