How to Configure Firewall Settings for Accounting

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Is firewall blocking the internet access while working with Accounting Software? You may wonder that there is no internet access or connectivity issue with the programs on your computer. However, when you try using Accounting Software, you encounter the internet connectivity issue. Well, if you are internet connection is fine and Accounting Software is facing connectivity issue, it is possible that firewall is blocking the internet for some Accounting Software programs or features. Not to worry if you are facing this issue. It can be resolved. The Accounting Software experts have already devised the ways to solve the issue. And, you are not the first person to encounter this issue. You can easily learn resolving the issues in the paragraphs below.

Tip#1: Check is Windows Firewall Blocking Accounting Software Server?

Steps to Configure Firewall Settings for Accounting Software

One of the best ways to configure the firewall settings for Accounting Software is by using the Accounting Software File Doctor. If this program is run, the firewall ports open automatically. Here is how you can follow the step by step process to automatically configure the firewall ports:

Total Time: 5 minutes

1. Download & Install the Accounting Software File Doctor

Download and install the latest version of Accounting Software File Doctor in your computer. If the computer already has any previous versions, make sure that the old version of Accounting Software File Doctor is completely uninstalled. Once installed, the Accounting Software file Doctor will open automatically. If it doesn’t open, find the wrench icon on the taskbar of the Windows.

2. Find The Company File

Find your company file from the dropdown menu. If not, browse to find the company file and locate it.

3. Choose The File

Choose either ‘Both file damage and network connectivity’ or ‘Network connectivity only’. You can opt to choose for the former if you suspect any damage in the file.

4. Enter Password

Enter admin password for your company when prompted and click ‘Next’

5. Choose Host/Server or Workstation

Select either Host/Server or Workstation. Choose the former one if Accounting Software is physically not installed in this particular computer system. If Accounting Software file is located in the current computer system; choose ‘Host/Server’.

6. Click on Yes or No

Click ‘Yes’ in case you are running the Accounting Software File Doctor on your server or host computer. Choose ‘No’ if you are running the Accounting Software File Doctor on your Workstation computer.

7. Let The Accounting Software File Doctor Completes Diagnosing

8. Finally Step to Diagnosis & Repair

You can open Accounting Software file once diagnosis and repair get over.

Also, you can manually configure ports to the firewall. In case of any difficulties, you have all freedom to contact the Accounting Software tech Assistance professionals and get their help.