Error 6129

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Technical advances have made it easier than ever that you can now perform various task with the help of the technology. Keeping track of your accounts and budget is essential and with the help of technology it has been made easier than ever.

There is different software which can be used for keeping track of the expenses you incur every year and one of the best software there is, is the Accounting Software software. This is a popular software accessed by many users across the world. If there is any trouble or error then you can sort them out with the help of the Accounting Software experts and one of the major error that users complain about is the Accounting Software error 6129 message.

What is Accounting Software Error 6129?

The database error or database verification failure error is the major issue that is posed by the Accounting Software error 6129.

  • When you are trying to create or open a company file, this particular error message is being flashed. There are several causes behind the error.
  • Some of them are the interference of the third party antivirus or the damaged network data file.
  • Other than that you can also face trouble with the upgrading of the company file to a new version of the Accounting Software using a non-windows administration profile.
  • When the server and client machine are not on the same domain this error message can be posed as well.

Tip#1: Know How to Fix Accounting Software Error 15270 in Easy Steps

Cause of The Quickbooks Error Code 6129?

  • The .nd file is damaged or not present in the folder
  • The Accounting Software is not updated to the latest release
  • The software is running in the Multi-User Mode
  • The client domain or server is not matching properly
  • The firewall or antivirus is blocking the software so set the settings correctly.

Best Solution for Accounting Software Error Message 6129

There are many ways in which you can solve this particular trouble. The following are the easiest way to solve the trouble with this particular error message.

Total Time: 6 minutes

Head To Interview Window

➧ Go to the easy step interview window and click leave.
➧ You would be prompted to save the file and you must click on yes.

Enter File Name

➧ Enter a different file name and click saves.
➧ In case you are opening or upgrading the file, then open the sample company to identify the issue and ensure whether it is file specific or not.

Remove the .ND file

Remove the .ND file corresponding to the file that is saved.

In case the trouble is persistent and cannot be solved entirely through this procedure, you can simply try out our Accounting Software Live Chat or else the Accounting Software customer service phone number. The number is the fastest solution that you have to any such trouble that you are facing with the software.


What to do to set up the database Server Manager to fix this issue?

For this, you have to change the name of the .nd files in Accounting Software folder. Then users do the set up of Accounting Software Database Server Manager.

What are the solutions to resolve the error 6129?

? Move company file to a different location or another system
? Start your system in the Safe Mode 
? Change the name of the .nd files
? Check that all systems have the same domain.

What are the steps for changing the folder permissions?

? Search for the folder having company files
? Right-click on it and click on the Properties option 
? In the Security tab, click on Everyone 
? Then click on the button OK in the opened window
? Click on the ok button then click on Full Control option
? Click on Apply ad then OK button
? When it is done you can open the company file now