Error Code 3120

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There are different types of trouble that you can face when working with the Accounting Software software. The trouble that majorly happens when you are downloading payments from any OS is the Accounting Software error code 3120. The major trouble is the payment download crashes when you are trying to do it though the invoices look to be accurate enough.

Why Does This Error Occur?

There are different technical troubles and they can occur for various reasons. The error code 3120 occurs in particular when the account mapping has not been done correctly. The Accounting Software point of sale for a desktop has to be set up correctly to ensure that such troubles can be easily combated. While you can solve the trouble following the instructions provided here, it is also important to have a thorough understanding of the interface. The technical Assistance team is always there for helping you out as well.

Steps To Fix Intuit Accounting Software Error Code 3120

The users of the Accounting Software account can always handle this kind of trouble and error messages with the help of the Accounting Software onsite help links. The step by step instructions provide at the links make it very easy to follow. Here are the steps which would help you combat this trouble in particular:

Total Time: 4 minutes

1️⃣ Navigate To Workstation

Go to the point of sale and from there choose file> preference>workstation.

2️⃣ Choose The Account Preferences

After that choose the account preferences option.

3️⃣ Take Care of Issues

However when you have made the choice it is important to ensure that you take care of these issues.

◼ Make sure that the account types selected for the mapping is correct at both the basic and the advanced tabs.
◼ Also take note that any account name which appears in third bracket medicates that no account has been chosen for the task and hence it is important that you ensure such an account is chosen when you are actually performing the troubleshooting.

4️⃣ Update The Account

◼ Update the account as you need to and then click on the option for saving the changes.
◼ Users can always opt for the default mapping for the Accounting Software desktop from the financial exchange overview which has different choices that you can look through.
◼ You can perform any type of financial exchange with Accounting Software desktop very easily now.


There are different ways in which this trouble can occur and in order to ensure that they are quickly solved, the best choice is relying on certified Accounting Software technical Assistance team. Any additional concerns of the inability to troubleshoot the issue through these steps can be discussed and solved with the our technical team. The users always have the liberty to get in touch with email and even through phone. Error 3120 can hamper your works and hence it is very important that you make the most of the troubleshooting options that you have. The users can always handle their troubles with the Accounting Software account through remote Assistance and when they know the interface well.