The Way of Resolving Error 1328

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Technology has become immensely advanced with time and you can now manage all kinds of works with the help of the Accounting Software software. There are different types of Accounting Software features which you can use for managing every tax and budget needs you have.

The Accounting Software software is considered to be one of the best there is and you can ensure solution to every trouble with the budget when you have Accounting Software at your service. However the software can pose trouble from time to time in the form of error messages.

One of the major trouble and error messages that you get is the Accounting Software error 1328. However when you know the right solution you can easily manage the trouble in minimum time possible.

What is Accounting Software Error 1328?

There are different types of error messages which you can get when you are using the Accounting Software software. One of the errors is 1328. When you are trying to launch the software or install it or work with the software, you get an error messages with the code 1328 which says that you do not have access to the file or the folders you are trying to open. The Accounting Software software is a very versatile software and when you face such trouble you can easily manage them with the help of the right kind of solutions.

What causes Accounting Software Error 1328?

When there was a trouble while downloading the software or the software file has been corrupted this kind of trouble may occur in such situation. The other reason behind this error is network error while downloading the software and installing it. however if you know the interface well you can simply mail the experts about the solution that you need and they would provide you with the relevant onsite help links. You can also opt for live chat with the experts in case you are not very sure about the solution and need direct help from them. However this help would only be possible when you know the interface well and the experts are online as well. 

Tip#1: Know How to Fix Accounting Software error 15240 in Easy Steps

How to fix Accounting Software Error 1328?

There are posible 4 solutions to fix Accounting Software error 1328, which are listed below with the steps to taken.

Method 1 : Locate The Confiq.msi file

1. Choose Explore Option : Right Click on Start Key Button >> Choose The Explore Option

2. Open C Drive : To Open C Drive >> Double Click on “C” Drive.

3. Choose The Folder : Click on tools >> Choose Folder

4. Select Hidden Files & Folders : Click The View Option >> Select All Hidden Files & Folders

5. Click to Apply : Click on Apply Button >> Press Ok Button

6. Operate Files : Operate All System Files

7. Select Rename Option : Right Click on Confiq.msi >> Select Rename Option

8. Rename The File : At the End of the file Just simply Add .Old & Hit the Enter.

This Entire process will Hide & protect your Operating System files again on your system, Even All necessary files & Folders.

Method 2 : Repair Registered Tool Application

1. Run Registry Repair Tool & Repair The Damaged Registry Entries

2. Remove Junk Files from System : Use A Malware Removal Tool to malicious files.

3. Remove Outdated Device Drivers : It is important to remove all the outdated PC Device Drivers.

4. Restore Recent System Changes : To Restore Recent Changes select Undo Option

5. Uninstall & Reinstall Accounting Software: You need to uninstall the Accounting Software & than Reinstall the Accounting Software.

6. Scan The PC : Run windows system file checker to scan all damaged files & repair them.

7. Install Windows Updates : Now, It’s time to install all required windows updates.

Method 3 : Repair Your Windows Installation Process

1. Login As Administrator : Log on the windows as administrator

2. Open Programs & Features Option : Head to Windows Control Panel >> Select Programs & Features Option

3. Look for Accounting Software: In the software list >> Search for Accounting Software >> Click on Uninstall option, When uninstaller appears >> Choose Repair Option.

4. Repair Accounting Software: First Run Accounting Software Repair on the system & then Apply Security patch after repairs complete.

Method 4 : Reinstall Accounting Software by Doing A Clean Installation

1. Make your system ready for Accounting Software Uninstallation

2. Make a Clean Installation of Accounting Software: Follow the instruction below

  • Install Accounting Software Directly from CD Drive Provided.
  • A Single User can Install the Accounting Software through download Accounting Software installation file.
  • Now, Download or simply install Accounting Software.

The best way to solve the trouble quickly would be getting in touch with the experts over the Accounting Software customer care phone number which is toll free and globally available for all the solution that you need from the experts. The number is the best choice for managing any trouble in minimum wait time possible.


How to resolve Accounting Software error 1328 using Accounting Software Install Tool?

? Firstly, download the QB install tool
? Then close all the applications
? Open the .exe file to install it in your system 
? Follow the instructions shown on your screen
? Now open the tool hub and click on installation issues
? Reboot your system
? Then do update the Windows to fix the error.

How many methods are there to resolve Accounting Software error 1328?

There are 4 methods that you can use to resolve this error according to your reason. The methods are as follows:-

? Clean install the Accounting Software software in our system
? Do startup selectively
? Fix error using QBInstall Tool
? Repairs Windows Components
? Update the Windows properly
? Search and Rename the config.msi file 
? Repair the Registry Tool

What to do if I get the error message while updating the POS v18 and v12 release?

In this, the error message shows that the installation of the release update is failed. So to fix it you can do 2 things that are as follows:-

? Do the clean install of Accounting Software POS and update it after that apply the patch
? Change the name of the file in the path C:\Config.msu\PTFB53.tmp and then you have to install the patch again.