How to Void a Check in Accounting Software?

how to void a check in quickbooks

Have you ever wondered how you should void checks or enter the record of void checks in Accounting Software? In fact, there are various reasons why checks are voided. And, the checks once voided need to be recorded in the Accounting Software. But there is no reason why one should panic. It is not all a herculean task to void checks or enter the voided checks in the Accounting Software. However, it is essential to learn the process. This may not be a complicated process, but if you have are learning it for the first time; it may, for sure, consume a few minutes. You can learn voiding the check in the paragraphs below.

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Simple Steps to Void Checks within Accounting Software

In the first place, launch Accounting Software and login by entering the username and password in the prompted space.

1. Look for ‘Banking’ option

Look for ‘Banking’ option and click on it.

2. Select ‘User Register’

Under ‘Banking’, find and select ‘User Register’.

3. Click The Account of The Check

Click the account of the check you want to void.

4. Find The Entry or The Check Number

Find the entry or the check number which you want to void and choose it for voiding.

5. Click ‘Void Check’ Option

✓ Click ‘Edit’ when prompted and then click ‘Void Check’ option.
✓ Click ‘Yes’ when prompted.

❌ Note : When you click ‘Yes’, Accounting Software will automatically update the journal of the company along with the check voiding date. However, if you want to void the check on the basis of the date of writing the check, you can press ‘No’. If you do so, the journal will not be updated. It will just show that the check was voided.

6. Click ‘Record’

For finalizing the process of voiding check, you can click ‘Record’. This will complete the process of voiding the check.

Simple Steps to Void the Paper Check within Accounting Software

  • Launch Accounting Software and login to it by entering the required details.
  • Find and click ‘Banking’ and select ‘Write checks’.
  • Choose the account from which the check is to be voided.
  • Find the space for ‘Check number’ and enter the number of the paper check here. You also need to enter the date and other required details of the check. The spaces for entering the details will be prompted and you needn’t worry what to enter.
  • Click ‘Edit’ and then click ‘Void check’.
  • Click ‘Yes’ when prompted if you want to record the current date. If you want to void the check on the basis of the date of writing the check; click ‘No’.

However, clicking ‘No’ will not update the journal. It will merely show that the check has been voided.

  • You can then click ‘Record’ and finalize the check voiding process.

Hope you get the process to void a check in Accounting Software, if you still having any issue? Just call us at anytime.


Can I void a check of the transaction that I haven’t opened yet?

Yes, you can do that from the expense transactions list in a smooth way. You just have to follow these steps:-

? In the Accounting Software account, go to the Expenses
? Select the Expense Transactions List
? Find the check that you want to void
? Go to the Action column 
? Then from the drop-down list of View/Edit, choose the option Void 
? When you get the pop-up box hit the Yes button to give the confirmation for voiding a check.

In case, if the check is already cashed then can I void it?

Yes, you can still void that check. The steps are:-

? In your Accounting Software software 
? Go to the left side menu and click on the Accounting option
? Now click on the Chart of Accounts
? Choose the Bank account and then click on the View Register
? Search for the check to void and then click on the option Edit
? Select the More option and then hit the Void option
? Now provide the confirmation to the pop-up box by clicking on the Yes button.

How to void a check when it’s from other accounts or replacements?

? Go to your Accounting Software account
? Click on the Reports menu
? Then click on the Reports Center
? Find the Transaction list by date 
? Hit the button Run Report 
? Then select the Customized tab mentioned on the top
? In the Filter tab, you have to locate for the Transaction Type in the Filter options
? Choose the Check option in that and click on the OK button
? You have to set the range of the date 
? Search for the check and open it
? Under the Delete option, click on the drop-down arrow and select the Void option.