“WDDM Service Not Running”

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If you suddenly get the WDDM Service not running a message display in your Accounting Software account then there is the issue with your Windows version or any driver may not be updated. If your Accounting Software is slow down, frozen, and having many other issues while operating then it is because of the WDDM Service not running in Accounting Software. There are various reasons that cause this error in your system while working.

This issue has many more reasons to be caused so below you get the list of it. The solution to troubleshoot this error is mentioned below so that you can resolve it on your own in simple steps. After that, you can get back to your work as the problem is resolved.

Primary causes of WDDM service not running error

  • It happens when the DLL files in your system are damaged or corrupted after updating the Windows
  • Your system has the malware or virus attack that infects many important files and it causes the error
  • If the drivers are not updated or have not installed properly this problem occurs
  • Many times the installation or uninstallation is not done properly that causes you this issue in your system.

Troubleshooting the error of WDDM service not running

There are the steps that you have to follow for troubleshooting WDDM Service not running errors in your Accounting Software account. The steps are:-
Run as Administrator >> Open Safe Mode >> Boot system and press F8 >> Check Drivers >> Check Windows version.

Total Time: 3 minutes

1. Run as Administrator

Must take care that you log in as an Admin and run the software as an Administrator all the time.

2. Open Safe Mode

Start your system in the Safe Mode that helps you in resolving the error

3. Boot system and press F8

While your system is booting press the F8 button from the keyboard to get into the safe mode

4. Check the drivers

Now check that the drivers of your system are updated or not

✔ For this, open the File Explorer or My Computer
✔ Right-click on the My Computer or This PC and then select the option Manage
✔ A window opens up named Computer Management
✔ Click on the System Tools and then on the Device Manager
✔ In this, right-click on any option click on Properties and check for driver update in the Driver tab.

5. Check the Windows version

In this, check that you have the updated Windows operating system if not then update it.


So, as you see the solution is easy to do for resolving the WDDM Service not running errors in Accounting Software. You can perform the steps as it is directly provided by the customer helpdesk who is here to help you all around the clock. They are glad to help you whenever required by resolving your queries and issues as the Accounting Software customer helpdesk is available to sort all the glitches.

Contact our Customer Assistance Experts for help

You should be able to resolve the issue of the error by following the above-mentioned measures. But if you find any difficulties in performing those steps, you can contact our dedicated customer Assistance team on our toll-free number which is available for you 24/7 throughout the year. You are sure to get the best available solution from them in the earliest possible time. Our Accounting Software technical Assistance experts will help you resolve the issue in the easiest friendly way.